Stay on trend and stylish with these DIY summer projects

It’s not long until the kids are back at school; we’re ready and excited for a new year and a new start. Naturally, it’s the perfect time for a little home improvement!

Maybe you’d like to update your bedroom with the latest styles and trends, or style your coffee and side tables like a professional. Or perhaps it’s your car you’d like to spend some time on.

No matter what you have in mind, you can get ready for the year by restyling, refreshing and reorganising at home. Here are our fresh ideas and advice  to get you started!

Makeover your bedroom with this season’s trends and colour palette

The bed is the heart of the bedroom and immediately draws the eye. Cane or rattan bedheads are made of beautiful natural material, offering a chic organic touch.

Set the tone for the whole room with warm colours in the duvet cover. From cream to radiant yellow or burnt orange, these desert hues will make your bedroom a welcoming oasis.

While you’re refreshing your bedding, consider the last time you replaced your pillows. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to replace them every 1-2 years. And if you’re looking for extra comfort, check out the latest in mattress toppers and underlays. Easily create an airy base that helps you sink into a slumber.

A tall vase filled with soft wheat grasses adds a natural touch and acts as a dynamic piece of decor to enhance the desert theme. Consider a beautiful macrame wall hanging for that final touch. 

Style your coffee and side table like a pro

To make your space appear bigger and brighter, add a glass coffee table. This modern coffee table design is chic and amplifies any decor you use to style the table.

A beautiful rug under a modern coffee table is like adding the perfect artwork to a frame. A stunning natural rug will balance a contemporary look, or a neutral, organic colour will suit any home. We are also loving the trend of bright colourful rugs with abstract shapes – artwork in itself.

There’s something magical about a stack of classic books sitting on a coffee table or side table. There are plenty of attractive coffee table books available to spark interest and conversation. Pop a coloured glass vase on top or try a sculptural candle for added style.

If your coffee table is already full, add a new buffet and matching sideboard. You can style these beautifully with lamps, photo frames, vases, flowers and art for varying heights and layers.

Get the latest and greatest pet accessories for your best friend

With so much Summer rain around this year, it’s a good time to upgrade and replace your dog’s kennel to ensure your best friend is feeling cared for and as comfy as you are!

Make sure it has enough room to walk inside and do a few turns before laying down for a nice long nap. Whether you’re looking for a design that’s traditional or one to match your outdoor area styling – you’ll find a great range in Centre now.

If your pet is more of an indoor prince or princess, there is a host of comfortable and stylish beds to meet your furry friend’s needs. Choose from plush snuggle versions, orthopaedic, odor resistant mattresses or even temperature regulating mats to help keep them cool.

Be sure to keep your pooch stylish outside of home too with a collar, bandanna or coat that perfectly matches their personality… adorable!  

Keep your car in top-notch condition with these must-have car care products

When life gets busy, we tend to neglect our cars but with a little TLC and the right products, you can make your car look and feel brand new again! 

The once-a-year-car polish is one of the most popular car cleaning products in Australia. This polish offers protection, durability and shine for a car’s exterior all year round. 

Carpet and seat wipes are also handy for car interior cleaning, and rain repellent glass cleaner will keep your windows clear of water droplets and dirt. 

And don’t forget the tyre shine! This product both enhances the look of your tyres and protects them. 

Install a multiple room sound system and set up your home for Summer entertaining

Did you know that smart home hubs can also function as multi-room sound systems? The Google Nest is more known for its smart functions, but it can easily double as a speaker.

If your home is already kitted out with Apple products, the Apple HomePod is worth considering. It pairs easily with Apple products and offers one of the higher quality sound systems.

If you’re looking to impress your friends in 2021, check out the latest speaker systems with first-class, contemporary designs that will make your guests double take.

The range of speakers available in the Centre is impressive in both sound and design. If you’re really into music, it’s worth considering a home theatre system designed to provide you with sound quality at the highest definition.

Yamaha will allow you to hear every little beat, percussion or strum. There are plenty of systems and packages making it easy to set up in your home.

Visit the Centre and speak with our retailers to determine which brand is right for your home.  

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